The Garden's Secrets



ALOE VERA (Aloe Barbadensis) or SABILA is one of nature’s true wonderful blessings. From its name Aloe, which is the plant in its ancient Arabic form, and Vera, being true or genuine in Latin, this plant boasts of endless benefits for our overall well-being.

The clear gel enclosed within its bulging sword-like leaves contains Vitamins A, B, C, E, Calcium, 19 Amino Acids for muscle tissue and protein building, 8 Enzymes that improve the digestive system, Hormones to stimulate cell-regeneration and blood flow, and substances with anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.

Herbal healers prescribe it in topical and internal uses.  Topically or when applied on the skin, the gel aids in treating baldness, skin problems, acne, eczema, cuts and wounds, mild burns, insect bites, Athlete’s foot and arthritis. Internally, it is known to treat diabetes, indigestion, heart problems, kidney, and the reproductive system.

Ancient civilizations have been recorded to take credit from being Aloe Vera’s pioneer supporters. It has been written in the Bible that Jesus Christ was anointed with a “bitter herb” (Aloe) before being placed inside the tomb. In Ancient Egypt, Aloe was called “the Plant of Immortality” because of its protein substance, thus it was offered as a funerary gift to the pharaohs, prescribed as a cure for fever, and as it is legendarily known, the natural moisturizer of Cleopatra. The American Indians, on the other hand, referred to it as “the Wand of Heaven”, for the same belief that it cures skin disorders.

In the Lawiswis Organics Garden’s Secrets, the Sabila provides a necessary ingredient to some of its long line of organic skin care products:

Neem Aloe Lotion / Soap is a fusion of natural organic components for the countless benefits to the skin. Its essential components include herbal oils, neem, aloe vera, aged coconut wine, fermented coco nectar, water, honey, beeswax, cetyl alcohol made from coconut oil, and mineral-extracted titanium dioxide and zinc oxide.

Most effective in daily use, the Neem Aloe lotion and soap are ideally used together to provide constant moisture, softness and firmness to the skin. It also serves well to prevent wrinkles, to prevent and heal sunburns through its UV protection content, to treat skin itches, allergies, diaper rash, jellyfish stings, and to prevent and speed up the healing process from malaria and dengue.


Coco Aloe Lotion is the highly effective result of unrefined coconut oil, aloe vera, neem, coconut wine, coconut sap, vinegar and honey.  Added to Aloe’s strong cell regenerating properties is the unrefined coconut by-products, which contain strong free-radicals fighting antioxidants.

Along with neem and honey, the Coco Aloe lotion penetrates into deep layers of the skin and strengthens the underlying tissue. It guarantees softness of the skin, protection against acne, blemishes, sagging and wrinkles, restoration of skin cells after sunlight exposure, and fungal and bacterial prevention.


Papaya and Aloe Soap. The combination of this is ideal for keeping the skin moist and fair. With Aloe’s skin benefits, the Papein enzyme in the papaya adds a boost to skin cell renewal and whitening. It also exfoliates, firms-up, and softens the skin, not to mention that it is an instant wrinkle remedy.


Oleifer Crème is a nature-rich crème best applied in the evening. It is made with the nutrient Moringa Oil (malunggay), beeswax, aloe vera, shea butter, almond oil, grape seed oil, propolis, herbal oil, titanium dioxide and vitamin E.

Using this crème every night will make the skin firmer, regenerate and protect skin cells, maintain skin suppleness, enhance skin elasticity, and promote moisture retention and UV protection.


 After Sungel SPF 15 soothes and heals sunburns with its nourishing ingredients, including aloe vera, guto kola, neem, coconut wine and vinegar, and honey. All of these natural ingredients have strong properties that promote cell regeneration and skin tissue preservation. Apply after sunlight exposure to restore the skin’s radiance and moisture.